Afternoon Delight!!

Ahhhh…Today was totally chore free.  All the mundane house hold duties were all caught up.  No garden peas to be blanched….those were all done and frozen days ago.  The raspberries were all picked and tucked away in the freezer.  The corn, tomatoes and brussel sprouts aren’t ready yet, so I was free……free to sit by my window in the sun and just relax and spin that pretty red roving I showed you guys the other day.  I was in heaven and just when I thought life just couldn’t get any better…. photo(78)IT DID!!  I looked up and right outside the window so close I could practically touch them….BAMBI BABIES!!!   TWINS!!  They were so cute and still in their spots!  But where was Mom?! I didn’t see a Mom at first but then……photo(80)here she came….thank goodness!  Just like naughty little kids they had run way ahead of her.  I’m guessing she was giving them a good talking too while they were mowing down on all those She kept a watchful eye on them so I had to be very careful taking the photos so I wouldn’t scare them precious little Bambi Twins were totally distracting me from my spinning as you can see.  :-)photo(82)Some times living in the middle of no-where has it’s advantages!!!  I still managed to get a whole bobbin of singles spun and later in the evening I nearly finished one of the socks in progress… becoming totally distracted yet again by this beautiful sight out the window….photo(85)A BLUE MOON!!!  The whole front yard was glowing blue and I would have loved to have gone out there to get a much better photo but there was a huge bear out there just an hour earlier ( definite drawback to living in the middle of no-where :-O),  so we have to settle for the shot taken through the window.  I’m told there won’t be another blue moon until 2015.   It was a delightful day followed by a delightful evening ( except for that whole bear thing )!!!  I’m good till 2015!  :-)

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About loulouandlillybean

I'm a pretty cool chick who's pretty much consumed with yarn and fiber........I love spinning it, knitting it, crocheting it, dyeing it, shopping for it, buying it, winding it into get the picture. And I have a whole bunch of furry little friends that love watching me do my thing!
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3 Responses to Afternoon Delight!!

  1. How nice it is to see what a lovely day you had. I love it when people appreciate all the good things in their life. I am off to swimming today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Araignee says:

    A bear!!!! Oh my…and I thought I lived in the middle of nowhere. We have deers, foxes and nightly visiting racoons and possums (who won’t stay off the deck) but bears……oh my!

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