Waitin on a Name……….

Life around here is pretty much revolving around Levi’s rather intense medication schedule lately.  It’s an  around the clock ordeal with four different medications but it does seem to be working.  It’s bringing back memories of those round the clock new born baby feedings.  The 2 A.M. one is a killer.  To lighten the mood one night, I found myself crocheting this little creature at midnight while I was waiting to give him his pill……photo(216)she didn’t take long to crochet……….I had her done just in time for that 2A.M. dose.  I found the pattern here. That was a week or so ago and she’s still waitin on a name and I’m still doling out pills.  What do ya think she looks like…………photo(208)is it just me or does she look like she’s a little irritated at not having a proper name yet?  Any suggestions?  In the mean time she can be found just hangin out at the wheel………photo(209)waitin on a name.  ;-D

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The Chair Share…

photo(214)Hoping everyone has someone to share their chair with this Valentines Day!!!!!  ;-)


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A spoon full of sugar….

We’ve been dealing with a very sick and frightened little fur ball for the past few weeks.  Turns out all those obnoxious ticks we had here last spring and summer have caused a real problem for our little Levi. :-( He contracted Lyme disease and suddenly started having seizures one right after another until we could get him to the vet and on lots and lots of medicine.photo(206)  This is his “I DO NOT LIKE TAKING MEDICINE FACE”.  It’s been a real challenge to get all the pills down and then keeping them down proved to be just as challenging .  Once we got them down he had a bad reaction to the antibiotic that was prescribed, so it was back to the vet for shots to counter act all the nausea and switch to a different antibiotic.  By this time he definitely didn’t want to swallow any of it.  We tried every form of treat imaginable to get him to take the pills with no luck!  So much for a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down!  We just have to hold him down and stuff them down.  Then follow with the vast array of different treats we bought for him.   This approach does seem to be working although not much fun for any of us.  After a couple of weeks of this he is doing better and the seizures have stopped but he has a long way to go yet.  Needless to say I’m now not looking forward to Spring and tick season and am thinking the long cold winter isn’t so bad after all. At least there aren’t any disease carrying bugs when it’s cold.  So this is why I have been absent from the blog scene lately.  It’s been a full time job just keeping up with his medicine schedule so if you don’t hear much from me for a while, that’s why.

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The Blanket Saga Continues……

Rather than try and convince a very strong willed little three pound terror  Terrier that he needs to share the big fluffy blanket with his fancy pants feline sibling, I decided to take the easier route and just make another big fluffy warm blanket.  photo(194)I mean, why not…..since this seems to be the year of the Polar Blasts anyway!  May as well stock up on fluffy blankets.  It didn’t take Lilly Bean long to stake her claim on this one……photo(196)she’s got her own version of the “Look That Kills”!! :-O She shooed Louie off in a flash….photo(195) and then settled in for a long afternoon nap in the sun……photo(197)on the afghan that I was trying to work on!  Sheez… making blankets is a real challenge with this crew of mine!!!!!

The pattern is Lacy Round Ripple Blanket  in case anyone wants to give it a try.  And the pattern is Free!!!

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Crossed the finish line!

I’ve managed to successfully finish  that big fluffy warm blanketphoto(190) despite Louie’s best efforts to take it over while I was working on it.  He knows a good thing when he sees it and he’s not letting it out of his sight either. photo(192) He’s been starring daggers at me all the while I’ve been trying to get a good shot of it for this post!  photo(193)And if he won’t share it with me, he for sure isn’t going to share it with Lilly Bean!!!  He can be a pretty feisty little Mighty Mouse when he wants to be.  Of course the same can be said for Lilly Bean too.  photo(191)  I just may have to step in before this gets out of hand because it’s just to blasted cold to have to make an emergency vet trip over injuries sustained in a squabble over a polar vortex blanket.  Although the mercury has risen a tad from the 50 below of the last couple of nights.  It was  kind of alarming to see the temperature drop below what the thermometer allows for!!

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A Break in the Action..

It’s the new year but so far the same old  frigid, frostbite your face or anything else that might be exposed, weather of last year is still hanging on.  Consequently we spent the first day of it close to the fire in our flannels crocheting.  Well one of us was crocheting anyway.   My big squishy, soft, luxurious blanket is really coming along.  I was focused and flying along with my favorite chunky monkey crochet hook and that luscious Homespun Thick & Quick yarn with one of my favorite movies streaming on the telly….photo(188) when all of a sudden I felt a tug on the yarn………photo(189)my little cuddle bug Louie had found his own soft warm cozy spot for the evening.  The trouble is he fell asleep right on the strand of yarn I was working with.photo(187)See that look on his face……..that’s his ” stop pulling on this yarn or else” look…..and I don’t mess around with that look. What’s that saying?… Best to let sleeping dogs lie….or something like that. He’s clearly staked a claim on this blanket and I’m going to try and get it finished this week but there’s a definite break in the action for tonight.   THE BOSS HAS SPOKEN!  :-O

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Merry Christmas

photo(186)         MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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White Christmas………


It’s been snowingphoto(180) here for days and days and days.  Someone must be asking for a white Christmas and they are getting there wish.  photo(179)All the pines are capped in white and the temperatures outside are dropping again but the cookie and candy making is keeping us nice and photo(183)warm in the kitchen.  Can’t say the same for this  cute little bunny friend of Lilly Bean’s.  She (or he) has been bobbing for apples in the cold snow under the apple tree out front for hours.photo(181)  Now you see her …. then you don’t….brrr now that’s a cold way to get supper! photo(182)Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of “brain freeze”!

Did you notice the little wreath behind the candy?  It was made with a plastic ring from a milk jug .  I got the idea from  Gracie over at One Saylor’s Log.  She used store bought rings but it works pretty good with the milk jug rings too.  photo(184)photo(185)Just pop on over to her place for the instructions.  They were easy and fast to crochet and we all know what that means…..photo(178)  if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself with a Teeny Tiny Christmas wreath addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-O

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The new Grand puppy has arrived for the Holidays and I’m totally smitten with her…………photo(174)she has a face to die for and the sweetest personality to match!  I’m told she was a perfect angel on the long two day trip to get to Grandma’s house.  And this was her very first car ride too.  So all that “should I bring her, should I not” pre-trip stress my son went through was all for not.  I’m so glad he let her tag along….photo(175)she’s been so patient and gentle with all my rowdy little red neck buddies.  It takes a real saint to put up with my little backwoods gang of hooligans!  Bless her heart!  It’s like she totally understands they don’t get out and about all that much living here in the middle of no where.  To say their social skills are a photo(176)bit lacking would be an understatement for sure. They bark at leaves blowing and twigs dropping and I won’t even bring up what the poor postman has to endure.  She on  the other hand knows how to work a room!!  She has patiently given each one of them all the time they need to get comfortable with her.  Even though it’s written all over her face just how much she desperately wants to party photo(173)hardy with them.  You can certainly tell she’s a big city gal with plenty of doggie park and doggie day care social skills.  She can stay at Grandmas for as photo(177)long as she wants………..I absolutely love her……. of course that would prolly mean Lilly Bean would never come out from her hiding place behind the fish tank!!!  :-D

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